Privacy Policy

As per the company policies the changing in our policy and only applicable to the circumstantial privacy policy elucidates you that how it will be wield on the
website or on other browser extensions. All the choices are within easy reach to you on this website and will be shared with contemplate to our use of your personal information and with the passage of time there is a module of
update and access this information thus you can easily access it and update your personal information as per your need, because our customer driven policy makes us different from others.

Data Gathering and Allocating

Personal User Information

The most important point that considered most is to protect costumer’s or user policy. In our responsibility to attempt to therefore, we tend to needn't bother with Users to flexibly any Personal User information
in order to have the option to utilize this site. In any case, at indistinguishable time, any visitor who need benefits from our exceptional offers could likewise be approached gracefully by asking their email address. Next to that,
they'll even be solicited to share the detailed information that they would give easily without any hesitation

For Example: Name, sexual orientation, age, and private interests.

Browser Development/ Extensions

There are many running browser extensions on that specifically gathered data for website, thus it will work appropriately with no impairment. It permits us to get
gadgets and browsers that we are gotten to through. The data gathered through this may incorporate, IP addresses, working frameworks, programs, mistake logs, and comparable data. This permits us to follow the use which prompts us
and improve your experience.

Flippy Discount Blogs Section

Flippy discount blogs section is open for all you can easily access our blogs sections without any limitation or barriers. In this blog section you will find out impeccable written blogs that we used to share on different community
forums which contains extensive knowledge for our visitors and costumers. We assure you that that any data gave by you in these zones might be perused, gathered, and utilized by other people.

Third-Party Personal User Coupon

On the off chance that you wish to share a coupon that you have got from somewhere else on our site, you are permitted to do as such. This permits different customers to profit by the reserve funds they would have the option to do.
Despite the fact that we would expect you to share your name, address, the coupon type, and other such data. The coupon will be recorded on the site and different patron will have the option to utilize the coupon likewise.
Precisely, any coupons shared by the client isn't the duty of flippy discount. In the event that the coupon is phony, miss recorded, terminated, or has some other issues, the client who shared the coupon will be superintend for that
act. We don't share any data gave by our users, yet we will be compelled to share any authenticated information on if we gone through any problems.

Check And Balance Of Log Files

Design principles of our website are able to gathered certain information through our servers and stored files. The information included in this are Internet protocol (IP) address, the type of browser, Internet service provider
(ISP), refer/exit pages, operating system, date & time stamp, and clickstream data.

(Flippy discount may gather the total information that is accessible to us from log records which will be utilized to unveil convention information from our website for intended brands.)

Legal Disclaimer

  • In the event that any circumstance emerges, is required to reveal individual information as a reaction to any legal solicitations by open specialists, that is
    to satisfy the law authorization prerequisites, we will consent to the petition properly. Any Personal User Information that is required by the law will be shared. Moreover, we retain the option to do so when there are any
    requisitions, where the law is included. This would occur in situations where we accept that a complete honesty is essential with the goal that individual rights are ensured. Assisting us, with further security for others,
    engaged with the entire circumstance. This would also permit the total examination of misrepresentation. We will consistently react to government demands for any essential circumstances. We will acquiesce consent to any legal
    continuing, court request, or any legitimate procedures that are served on our site.

  • If any big collaboration, acquisition took place where flippy discount fortes are involved, you will be always in the loop with us, if such scenarios would happen you will be notified accordingly to it. They will be sent out
    through email or an eminent notice would be shared on the website.

  • For any Third Party, your Personal User Information will not be shared without any prior consent without any approval from your side.

Scam Websites Links By Third Party

  • Any links posted on flippy discount to any third-party website aren’t in control by us. Sharing of any personal data shared by the user to the third party and in case of any scam or in convince flippy discount will not
    answerable to any issue that arises between user and third party.

  • If you are doing crawling on third party landing pages, if you click on any exciting offers and deals that are available on lading pages of third-party merchandisers. We are not responsible for any of the personal user
    information that is shared from there. We want you to be careful before moving further ahead or go for any purchases, go through their privacy policy section first for your kind assistance.

Flippy Discount Cookies Policy

How Cookies Connects You With US?

Cookies enable to track, store, and collect information with the help of the small text files that save the information from your device and built connectivity
barrier between us and you.

What do our cookies do for you?

  • Cookies help us to track the shopping transactions that could be done from your device on our website. Anything that added in you cart from retailer’s site by using this website, these cookies authorize us to access the complete
    details that help us to keep eye on your shopping activities. Whether you just bump the landing page, only visited any of the listed brand sites. Whether you purchase or not, it also permits us to approve the purchase, or in
    case of any cancellation has been made.

  • It allows us to track how you discovered our site and it additionally permits us to customize your offers and arrangements with respect to your pursuit and shopping design. Apparently, it helps in recognizing any
    misrepresentation exercises, and also provide complete analytical reports. It also aids us in recalling any of the alternatives you have chosen for your account settings.

Third Party Cookies

This would work to assemble the total data as to your exercises on this site and another site. This would be to customize the type of advertising you will be viewing which would be based on the actions you would be taking on the
website, for example, browsing activities and your other general interests. This would also incorporate the retailers who you have been or have just visited from flippy They may also put cookies on the device that you
use when you approach the website. However, you must make certain of what the retailers are doing that you visit from our site as they have their own Cookies and Privacy Policies, and flippy won't be answerable for
their activities.

Is there any way to control cookies?

Cookies can only be controlled on the browser level.

Social Media Platforms

We also list down or mentioned different social media platforms that we work with. On little bit of browsing on our website you will find out our social media links such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn by hitting the
Subscribe or Like you can be able to follow us socially thus you would be able to catch all the latest updates. Once you started following us or visiting our website your IP Address will be
collected through this feature, this may also have a cookie to enable the feature without any obstruction and you will able to get an update about forthcoming and trending exciting offers. Sometimes these social media features and
widgets are hosted by a third party on our website, but due to the costumer driven policy flippy discount providing the features govern your activity with these attributes.

C.U.R.D Operations Module Available For Personal Data Editing

  • For your kind assistance you may change your personal data by accessing the profile page of the account that you have created on, moreover, you have complete
    rights to deleting your data.

  • For your kind assistance you are in touch 24/7 with our customer care representative department if you are facing any issues regarding accessing of your data or can't find your data on our website.

  • The response to your request would be given to you in the timeframe that is reasonable for you to wait and us to complete the process. If we are concealing any information of yours would be released to you upon your request to

Email Subscriptions

All the subscribed emails from your flippy account is managed from their page. You have complete access to subscribe to your email and you can also manage the categories from our top-notch brands according to your need.
You can also unsubscribe us in just one click.


Industry gauges that are commonly utilized for the preservation of the Personal User Information that is submitted on this site by the client are utilized by us. We pretense this protection during the sharing of the data after the
last capitulation has occurred. You need to know in advance that regardless of what steps we do agree, any data shared online over the web of some other electronic storage is secure without limit. We don't ensure a 100% security of
the information that is imparted to us. Thusly, we attempt our best to give you the most extreme security that is commonly acknowledged. However, complete obligation isn't taken by flippy

Detention Of Data

Any information that is imparted to us, would be kept in our safe custody until and unless you decide to delete your account from flippy It doesn’t mean that connection bridge between us and you would be teared apart,
we will be always in touch with you and actions will be taken according it. In case of any legal obligations to be able to resolve disputes and in the end enforce our agreements, we up-hold the right to keep your data and use it

Transferring Of Personal Data Policy For Overseas Costumers

  • If you are our oversea costumer or resident of another country which are beyond the borders of flippy discount and accessing our website you have to be sure to accept that fact we can transfer, store and process your personal
    user information through our protocol servers which are secured and much efficient.

  • If you are resident of another country, you might be aware by the governing laws that everyone has their own privacy and policy terms; thus, personal user information being protected and might be different from those that you
    find in your region and other countries.

  • Flippy will be at its most vulnerable when it comes to protecting your data. In case of any difficulties some serios step-s would be taken and the possible solution will be
    shared with you on the prior bases. You can always get aid or ask about our privacy policy from our customer support representatives which are available 24//7.

Updation In This Privacy Policy With Respect To Time

  • We uphold the rights to make any changes or add some other updates with respect or as per the needs accordingly.

  • All the updates and changes will be shared here.

  • This would be done in order to keep you aware of what information we collect, and how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any do arise at any point in time, we will disclose it.

  • Keep reviewing the privacy policy to be always updated with the latest or forthcoming points.

  • For on further enhancements in this privacy policy you will be notified here, or an email will be sent out, which contains all the details regarding updation in this privacy policy. Moreover, we will also make it visible on your
    website as well.

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